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Bachelor of Science, 1997

University of Southern California

Hazy memories of a sometimes surreal 1970‘s childhood spent chasing photo jobs and opportunities with a demanding photographer-father.  Master and apprentice applying knowledge in real-world, pressure-filled situations, even in my single digit years... 

Cutting rolls of 35 millimeter black and white film into 36-shot lengths, loading into canisters and going forth on another working “vacation.”  Driving two thousand miles (five hundred in reverse) shooting all the way.  Hiking into national parks and monuments during the off-season to score photographs without the crush of tourists, or shooting rock concerts for music trade magazines, or on-location stills on a movie set, or sporting events, or commercial/industrial shoots when curfew was conveniently ignored by the “Free Apprentice/Photo Monkey”... yours truly.  The per diem was nice:  Food and Shelter!  Meeting an incredible array of people and visiting breathtaking locales was the icing.    

Arriving home, venturing into the darkroom to unload dozens of rolls of film onto metal spools that sparked static in the pitch black when dry Santa Ana winds blew.  Passing hours at the bathroom sink, gently rocking several slender metal cans loaded with freshly exposed film, listening to Zeppelin, the Stones, Hendrix... Rinsing the film and hanging to dry.  Getting that first glance at what next will burn to the Magical Paper. Then developed, stopped, and fixed with strangely sweet chemicals...

Digital may have taken some of the soul (and toxics) from photography, but with the advent of 35mm full-frame sensors, photog’s can at least pretend we’re shooting with a favorite film body and an old trusty lens. 

The photographs on display here are digital images and (mostly) shot manually:  Focus, shutter speed, and aperture are not on autopilot. 

If you need high quality photographs of an important occasion, please inquire:



Elope Mendocino

Mendocino Weddings


Schoolhouse Properties

Ledford House

Albion River Inn

Hughes Llama Ranch

Agate Cove Inn

MacCallum House

Campovida Vineyards

Holly’s Cottontail Acres

Holly’s Mendocino Meadow


Café Beaujolais


LR Farm


Shani’s Sweet Creations

M Salon

Mendocino Beauty


Ryan Brenizer

Tammie Gilchrist Photography

Pablo Abuliak Photography

Peter Temple Studio

Rita Crane Photography

Todd Cinammon Photography

Lisa Joyce Photography


Destination Hopland

Nelson Family Vineyards

Husch Vineyards

Navarro Vineyards

Lula Cellars



Toniq Vivant

Campovida Gran Fondo

Gualala Arts Center

Albion Flats Café

Albion River Campground and Marina

Fritz Brothers Guitars

JNS Boards

Lost Surf Shack

Surfrider Foundation, Mendocino Ch.

Sport Chrysler Jeep, Fort Bragg

Albion Little River Volunteer F.D.

Mendocino V.F.D

Elk V.F.D.

Zo Office Supply

Racine’s Art Supply

Framemill Artworks

Mendo Litho

Eva Nicolait Paintings

Best Real Estate Services

Out of This World

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1975...  First 35mm film camera plus a roll of Tri-X Pan